Process Scanners
Miniature Scanner Temperature Scanners
8 Channels, Skip/Hold, 2 Relay O/P's 96H/96W,
Rs. 232/Rs. 485
16 Channels, 96HX192W, 32 Alarm Settings, Skip/Hold, 2 Relay O/P's, Accepts Thermocouples/RTD's
Process Scanners Process Scanners
16 Channels, Accepts 4-20 mA from Transmitter, Each channel configurable, 24 VDC for X'rs, Humidity, Level, pH, ORP, Pressure Scanning 16 Channels, 4-20 mA from X'rs, 192HX96W Vertical Model
Data Acquisition Products
On Line Version Nippolog 1.4 On Off Line Data Logging Software Version Nippolog 1.6
Online, Tabular & Graphical Presentation, File Generation Online & Off line data aquisition, Ideal for Remote Area Data Logging
Data Aquisition Systems Data Logger
256 Channels, Total Solutions, Process Monitoring 24 Column Printer, Modular Design, 8/16 Channels
Scanner with Printer Interface
Serial port interface, 80/132 column printer interface
Memory Bank Communications Products
750 Readings, 10 yrs. Data retention, Ideal for offline operation, 72HX72W light weight Rs. 232-485, Rs. 485-232, Conversion, 2/4 wire operation, 72HX72W
Insts. for Laboratory Equipment
Blood Bank Controllers
Control Blood Bank Temperature. With printer / Rs. 232 Interface
Process Indicators / Controllers
Linearised Temp. Indicators Linearised Temp. Indicators
Software / EPROM linearised, Highly Accurate, Accuracy ± least count, Most suitable for Pt-Pt/Rh t/c's, 96HX96W Accepts 4-20 mA from X'rs, 24 VDC provided scale configurable from front, 2 Relays, 96HX96W
Large Size Display Unit Multiset Point Controller
150 mm height, L.E.D. matrix, Easy to read from LONG distance 1-Input/8 Set Points, 8 Relay Outputs, 96HX192W

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