Humidity Measurement & Control
Humidity Ind/Controllers Humidity Sensors
4-20mA I/P from X'R, 0-100%°C RH, 0-100°C, 2-Relay O/P's, Dead band adj., PI Control Action, 96HX96W. Also available with Dry / Wet bulb 10-95% RH, 0-60°C, 0-1 VDC / 4-20 mA O/P
Humidity Scanners, Humidity Logging
Humidity Scanners & Loggers are multi channel instruments to be used in association with Nippolog
Programmable Timers & Counters
Sequential Timers Programmable Counters
8 Stage, 8 Logic O/P's, Sequential Cyclic Modes, Sec/Min/Hour Fractions Programmable, 96HX192W, Machine Automation Pulse, Encoder, Proximity Inputs, Length Event Meter Counting, 2-set points, 2-Relay O/P's, 96HX96W
Miniature Series
72HX72W, 2-Relay O/P's, 10 years memory, 90-260 VAC, Machine Automation
Instruments in Flameproof Housing
Universal Process Ind/Controller in FLP Hsg. Temperature Scanner in FLP Hsg.
Accepts 4-20 mA loop powered, T/c, RTD inputs, 2-set Points, Dead band programmable, Group I. IIA & IIB, Used for Temp., RH, Pressure, Level Controllers 8/12 Channels, Hold Facility, Rs. 232 / 485, Group I, IIA, IIB
Counters in FLP Housing
Counting in Hazardous atmosphere, Accepts proxy encoder voltage pulses
Energy Saving Products
TR Indicator T Controllers for Cooling Towers
Measuring efficiency of Compressor, Inputs from Flow meter & Temp. X'rs 3 Pt 100 Inputs, Relay control for cooling fan, Tremendous Energy Saving. Also with DRY / WET bulb
Compressor Controllers
Temp. + Time control, Optimum use of Compressor, 2-Relay O/P's
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