Digital Temperature Controllers
202048 2020 2030
48HX48W, 90-260 VAC, On-Off/Time Proportional Trimpot Setting, On-Off, T/P, 72HX72W Thumbwheel Setting, 72HX72W
2020 2020R 2020A
96HX96W, On-Off withadjustable Dead Band, Time proportional, Pot/Trimpot Settings Soft touch key, 1-set point 4 1/2 digit, 96HX96W, High Resolution
2020D 2032 2022
3 1/2 digit, 96HX96W, 1-set point, Set/Process Display, On-Off, T/P, 90-260 VAC 2-set points, 2-set of T/W Switches, 2-Relay O/p's, 96HX96W Trimpot / Helipot setting, 2 set point, Soft key
1 Inch Display, Trimpot Settings, 72HX144W
6000 6000T
Line Frequency Measurement, ± 01 HZ Measuring Accuracy, 72HX72W Frequency Trip Unit, 2 Set Points, 2 Relay O/p's, 96HX96W
Flameproof Indicator / Controllers
1010F 1016
Measurement of Temp. in Hazardous Atmosph 6 Point Indicators
1010F-1 2022F
1 Inch Display, Retransmission 4-20mA 1/2 Set Point, 1/2 Relays
6060 6060T
RPM Indicators, ± 1 Measuring Accuracy, 72HX72W PRM Trip Unit, 2 Set Point, 2 Relay O/p's, 96HX96W
Digital Counters
5555B 5050
Count Totalisers, 4/6 Digit, Proxy/Volt Pulses, Battery Back Up Presettable, 4/6 Digit, Proxy/Encoder/Volt, Pulses, 72HX72W / 96HX96W
5053 5052
3 Set Point Counters, 3 Relay O/p's, Machine Controls, 72HX144W 2 Set Point Counters, 2 Relay O/p's, Machine Controls, 72HX144W
Augar Timers / Counters
8000T 8000C
Powder Filling, Sturdy Design Powder Filling, Sturdy Design, Accepts Photocell, Excellent Cultch/Break Control
Digital Timers
4444B 4040 4004
Time Totaliser, 4/6 Digit, Min/Hrs 72HX72W, Battery Back Up Wide Range, T/W Setting, Relay O/p, Delay On/Off, Auto Reset Cyclic Timers, Wide Range, 2 Sets of T/W, 96HX96W
4004D 400R 4000
Cyclic Timers, Wide Range, 2 Sets of T/W, 96HX96W Delay Timers, Low Cost, DIN Rail Mounting Wide Range, 72HX72W, T/W Sertting, Low Cost
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